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A Glorious Evening

"A Glorious Evening" is a monologue that was first included in "Five Story Walk-Up," a benefit for the 13th Street Rep, conceived and directed by Daniel Gallant.  The monologue features a slightly-nervous male, addressing his date, sitting next to a small stand with single flower.  Best-Short-Plays1All seems well at first as Harry extolls the beauty of the night and his date.  But as the monologue progresses, we realize he may be more infatuated with himself than with his date.  The work was published this August in Best American Short Plays, 2007-2008, Applause Books, edited by Barbara Parisi.

Daniel performed "A Glorious Evening," along with other authors from the collection, in events at Barnes and Noble Lincoln Triangle and the Nuyorican Poets Cafe in September.  Keep checkng in for more presentations.

1 charachter
6 minutes
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