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7NineSignsSquare0 years after the Joining, a routine data search unearths a murder; the accused explains how he was not trying to hurt his love, but rather to see her again--unaided by vision-diversifying software.  The monolouge looks at the consequences of when technology enhances a natural process so much that it takes on a whole new set of terrors.

What Really Happened

Two rogues meet in the middle of the woods, Mephilantos, son of the Horse Rearer, and Abraham Lincoln.  They converse.  They meet again, only in a processional.  The scene is replayed across time and with different characters.  Each time it is, the focus sharpens.  We're being led through historical reenactments gone horribly wrong.  Somewhere is a version of the truth, but, like anything in our history, it's buried under bad accents, incorrect facts, and, above all, different people's ideas of what the truth actually is.

A Glorious Evening

"A Glorious Evening" is a monologue that was first included in "Five Story Walk-Up," a benefit for the 13th Street Rep, conceived and directed by Daniel Gallant.  The monologue features a slightly-nervous male, addressing his date, sitting next to a small stand with single flower.  All seems well at first as Harry extolls the beauty of the night and his date.  But as the monologue progresses, we realize he may be more infatuated with himself than with his date.  The work was published this August in Best American Short Plays, 2007-2008, Applause Books, edited by Barbara Parisi.

Hee Haw

Everyone loves George Bailey (including this author). That's a fact. But what if a historically overlooked character, the outwardly clowning Sam Wainwright, were given the chance to tell his side of the story? Could he give voice to people not quite at the center of their community, those less likable types who hold grudges, impress with money, sit on their jealousy...ie. the rest of us?