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What Really Happened

Two rogues meet in the middle of the woods, Mephilantos, son of the Horse Rearer, and Abraham Lincoln.  They converse.  They meet again, only in a processional.  The scene is replayed across time and with different characters.  Each time it is, the focus sharpens.  We're being led through historical reenactments gone horribly wrong.  Somewhere is a version of the truth, but, like anything in our history, it's buried under bad accents, incorrect facts, and, above all, different people's ideas of what the truth actually is.


Daniel's newest piece, "What Really Happened: starring Abraham Lincoln," joined six other short works, including ones by theater luminaries John Guare and Neil Labute, for Seven Card Draw, in a reunion of the same authors who created Five Story Walk Up.  Conceived and directed by Dan Gallant, the original was included in Applause Book's Best American Short Plays, 2007-2008.


Presented at Dixon Place
March 16th-18th