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Luna Park


Luna Park (book) tells the story of the first modern amusement park at Coney Island, dubbed "America's Playground."  The park had a stunning rise and fall at the turn-of-the-century that mirrored the lives of its troubled creators, architect Frederic Thompson and entrepreneur Elmer "Skip" Dundy. The show (music and lyrics by Hyeyoung Kim and Michael Cooper) was presented in three rehearsed readings November 1st-3rd, 2016, in London, as part of the "From Page to Stage" Festival.





Variety Show Weekday


Every once in a while a show comes out that will transform the face of theater, both in New York and around the world.  This is not that show.  It is a loose collection of scenes and songs from some of today’s most local writers.  Brand new short plays, dances and animal acts* modeled after the vaudeville variety show.

*Animal acts not guaranteed







Opened Off Broadway May 10th, 2013
777 Theatre (8th Ave and 47th Street)
To listen to songs from Spandex, visit the website here
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Nothing can keep you down.  No man.  No woman.  Not even a mulleted fitness instructor who feeds you diet pills, and tells you you’ll always be a loser because you once fell off a balance beam in qualifiers.  In the shadow of the cold war, in a world of free market optimism, budding conference call technology, changing roles within the family and a material so full of possibility it could only be named an anagram for “expands,” one woman will face her past demons and learn to fly.  She just has to do a few reps on the ground first.