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Variety Show Weekday


Every once in a while a show comes out that will transform the face of theater, both in New York and around the world.  This is not that show.  It is a loose collection of scenes and songs from some of today’s most local writers.  Brand new short plays, dances and animal acts* modeled after the vaudeville variety show.

*Animal acts not guaranteed





Not discouraged by their first outing, Variety Show on a Weekday came back with a venguance, featuring plays, songs, dances and animal acts* at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe in 2016.

In Daniel F. Levin’s (Spandex the Musical) song, “Thrill of the Campaign,” from his appropriately-timed musical, “Campaign,” Marty is falling back in love with his college sweetheart, Barbara—the only question is, is it just the rush of the trail? Natalie Bird (Dominatrix Breakroom) follows last February’s “Playground Duty” with “A Feline Visitor,” or what happens when your couple's therapist is a cat.  Works by Daniel Gallant (Executive Director of Nuyorican Poets Cafe), Ken Kaissar (24/6: A Jewish Theater Company, directed by Yoni Oppenheim, co-artistic director), Liz Piccoli (Spandex), Phil Cruise, Cat Cruise, Tara Bahna James, Valdaniel Martin, Amanda Miller and more rounded out the performance.

All were strongly encouraged to stay past intermission out of basic human respect.

*Note: We are still searching for animals: please see producers if you own ferrets or other medium-sized rodents with performance experience.